Tzurit Or, founder, pastry chef, and the creative force behind Tatte, started Tatte Bakery sixteen years ago in her home kitchen, selling her creations at the Copley Square farmers market in Boston. For Tzurit, building a bakery of her own was about more than just cultivating a thriving business; it was a way to create a sense of home and community while starting a new life as an immigrant to the United States. Her vision for Tatte was humble in origin- grounded in a simple mission to bring people together around great food and pastries while providing a deep sense of comfort and belonging. In missing her home, she would make Tatte a new home for herself and others and leave a powerful and lasting impact by bringing more inspiration, caring, and joy to those needing more of it.

Inspired by Tzurit’s vision, a passionate and diverse team of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, cooks, baristas, and café staff brings Tatte to life in locations throughout Greater Boston and Washington D.C. Even as we grow, our commitment to each other is to own the smallest details, maintain the highest standards, and hold fast to our shared mission: To Inspire, Care for, and Nurture life. Every Day.

We are so grateful to the neighborhoods and communities we are a part of and for the incredible support of Tatte fans across the country.

Tzurit Bakery Cake


Tzurit is a former film producer who left a 12-year film career to start life in the US. She is a self-taught pastry chef, cook, and designer of spaces and experiences. Today, her main focus at Tatte is to grow the brand while protecting the smallest of details. She leads food and bakery innovation, café design and experience, as well as Tatte development.

Tzurit’s work has been featured in the NY Times, Food & Wine Magazine, O Magazine, Bon Appetit, Boston Globe and more. 

Tzurit Baking Pastries